Hello - I'm Thom Carey,

I was working in television production shooting news, sports and corporate training videos. My wife's military mission and location changed, which facilitated our move to rural south Georgia from Detroit, Michigan. Now living on a small farm I could do the one thing I always wanted to do, keep bees. I started out like most beekeepers - I bought a book, four hives, and 4 packages of bees and failed miserably. I read more books, took beekeeping classes and things got better. 

The beginner needs a solid background in honey bee biology and a simple step-by-step guide to get started. Not a three year learning curve.

After much encouragement from my wife and new beekeepers I have been mentoring, I developed the My Hive Tool DVD. This program will get you started successfully your first season with bees. In this video I teach you how to start a hive in spring, take it into summer healthy and strong, harvest honey in fall and prepare your colonies for winter. I don't just show you what things look like when they go right. I show you the most common problems and their solutions. Get started beekeeping today with My Hive Tool