"My Hive Tool"A Comprehensive guide to beekeeping

My%20Hive%20Tool%20Thumb.jpgIn "My hive Tool" A Comprehensive guide to beekeeping we follow three hives through their first year, starting with ordering two Packages of Bees and a Nucleus hive. Follow step-by-step as the hives grow into full-size colonies. Learn what to do and when to do it. Even experienced beekeepers encounter problems; this video shows you these problems and their solutions

This 4 DVD set is a must-have for the beginner beekeeper, as well as the experienced beekeeper.  It is the perfect short course for bee clubs and should be on every bee club’s bookshelf, in every library and makes a great teacher’s companion.  Not only does it present you with basic beekeeping techniques, it will also give you the tools you need to get started.

This 4 DVD set offers a rarely seen look into the fascinating world of the honey bee and the addictive art of beekeeping.  Follow three hives through their first year, starting with ordering two packages of bees and a nucleus hive.  Follow step-by-step as the hives grow into full-size hives.  Learn what to do and when to do it.  Even an experienced beekeeper will encounter problems; this video will show you many of these problems as they arise and their solutions.

Whether your goal is to have honey to eat or sell; more vegetables growing in your garden; or maybe just to help save the honey bees, this video will teach you what you need to get started with confidence.  Beekeeping is one of the most rewarding and fascinating hobbies you will ever do and you will find yourself enchanted by these gentle creatures. 

Over 4 hours of instruction. Shot in 1080i HD for only $39.95 on 4 DVD's

sting2.jpgDisk 1 covers Honey Bee Anatomy and Basic Honey Bee Biology

queen%20in%20cage.jpgIn Disk 2 we will build Hive Furniture go over Beekeeping Tools, Protective Clothing and Bee Stings. Then we will install our Package Bees and Nucleus Hive.

We then follow each hives seasonal growth and development from new Packages and Nucleus. Each seasonal hive management sections is followed by Step by Step reviews and Problems and Solutions.

pest.jpgIn Disk 3 we cover the most common Pests, Diseases and Treatments. Disk 3 holds an Extras folder. In the extras folder there is a spread sheet to help you keep records as well as an digital copy of "My hive Tool" for your tablet or smart phone.

tub%20cover.jpgDisk 4 Details and Extras. On the his disk we detail mixing feed and medication. Extras include information an cost saving tips and techniques on home made equipment.

This video is a must - have for the beginner beekeeper, as well as the experienced beekeeper. It is the perfect companion to bee club short courses and should be in every bee club’s library.

"My hive Tool" A Comprehensive guide to beekeeping presents you with basic beekeeping techniques. giving you the tools to get started successfully beekeeping today.

This 4 DVD set offers a rare look into the fascinating world of the honey bee and the addictive art of beekeeping.

 Beekeeping Topics Covered

Early Beekeeping

Honey Bees’ Objectives

Art and Science of Bee Culture

Races of Honey Bees

Honey Bee Anatomy

Basic Honey Bee Biology

Caste System

Individual Honey Bee Biology

Biology of Queens

Biology of Workers

Biology of Drones

Foraging and Recruitment

Honey Bee Communication

Hive Furniture

Beekeeping Tools

Protective Clothing

Bee Sting Bee Sting Symptoms

Starting with Package Bees

Starting With a Nuc Hive

First Spring Management of a New Hive

Spring Management Problems and Solutions

Summer Management

Summer Management Problems and Solutions

Fall Management

Fall Management Problems and Solutions

Winter Management

Winter Management Problems and Solutions

Bee Pests, Diseases and Treatments


Best reference for the beginner

By Barbara L Gagnon on October 15, 2013

Great reference source for the beginning beekeeper or persons preparing to start keeping bees. Covers everything from preparing hive equipment through obtaining bees and keeping them healthy. It also has some extras including some useful tools and free apps. The four discs are organized by topic which makes it easier to choose the info you need at the time.

A Fantastic DVD Set !

By Bobby G. Sapp on September 24, 2014

My wife and I became interested in beekeeping approximately a year ago. We began our quest for knowledge on the subject of beekeeping and began reading several books and publications on the subject. Though most printed material was helpful in the theory and the good reasons for keeping bees, we really didn't come across much direct information on actual hands-on and how-to information. Well, I came across this DVD set on Amazon.com and after reading of what the DVD set claimed to offer, I ordered the set. We quickly received the DVD set and immediately put the first disk in the player to get an idea of what the DVD's had to offer in content and quality.

The first noticeable thing about the DVD's was the quality. This DVD set was professionally recorded with high quality video and audio. Next, we noticed this DVD set was constructed for the novice in mind to the more advanced beekeeper. The videos were done with an A to Z attitude. We were shown how and where to begin beekeeping right through to reaping the benefits and harvest of honey and further. "Comprehensive" truly describes this DVD set.

My wife and I had nobody to assist or guide us with our newfound hobby of keeping bees except various lines of script and this wonderful DVD set. We began our hobby and found that we often refreshed our knowledge with the video and verbiage from this DVD set (and still do). If not for this DVD set and it's hands-on approach, I think we may not have gotten to the point that we have with our bees and finally the best tasting honey that has ever existed.... I may be a bit biased...

Thank you to the producer of this DVD set, Thom Carey, for a wonderful tool for a wannabe beekeeper! (And, I'm sure my bees are appreciative as well.)

 My Hive Tool