My Hive Tool

Why Keep Bees?
Honey bees are one of the most efficient pollinators in the world. Honey bees are responsible for over one-third of all the food we eat. They are also the only insect that processes food (Honey) that humans eat.

1. Your garden will thank you.  Pollination by your honey bees will help flowers, fruits and vegetables thrive.
2.  Beekeeping is a fascinating pastime and is a wonderful way to spend time with your family learning about nature.
3. Of course, there's the honey. Bees also produce wax and more bees. Honey Wax and Bees are all product of the hive.
4. You will meet new people and make new friends when you talk about your bees and attend your local bee club meetings.

There are some things you need to know before starting a hive, "My Hive Tool" a comprehensive guide to beekeeping will guide your steps to becoming a successful beekeeper!

About the DVD
"My Hive Tool" a comprehensive guide to beekeeping is a  professionally recorded DVD set with high-quality video and audio. This educational DVD focuses on beginner beekeeping,  follow three hives through their first year, starting with ordering two Packages of Bees and a Nucleus hive. Follow step-by-step as the hives grow into full-size colonies. Learn what to do and when to do it. "My Hive Tool" a comprehensive guide to beekeeping was created with the novice in mind, yet not forgetting the most advanced beekeeper. The videos were produced and written with an A to Z attitude. You are shown how and where to begin beekeeping right through to reaping the benefits of the harvest. "Comprehensive" truly describes this 4 DVD set.

If you are an experienced beekeeper, this 4 DVD is an excellent way to educate your family and friends about the fascinating art of beekeeping. "My Hive Tool" a comprehensive guide to beekeeping also makes a great gift for anyone interested in Honey Bees.

"My Hive Tool" a comprehensive guide to beekeeping contains beautiful close-up, detailed video, shoot in HD, of what goes on inside the hive, including workers drone and the queen. We show you eggs, larvae, emerging brood and the pollen-gathering process. Check out the Beekeeping Topics Covered and the sample clips. This 4 DVD set explains how to become a beekeeper in a simple, direct hands-on approach. "My Hive Tool" a comprehensive guide to beekeeping will teach you the fundamental beekeeping techniques you need to start beekeeping with confidence you are doing what is best for your bees.

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